WTPA v0.9 in Brooklyn, Kitted

Brooklyn, 10 hours of sleep later. Debugging on an old friend’s coffee table. Brooklyn is good for a lot of things. You can get any number of tasty and erudite coffee drinks really easily, and the girls are cute (I think — they dress cool enough that I think you sometimes think they are even when they actually aren’t).

Say, however, you coded a resampling routine and realized your gain staging in the analog section was all types of foobar, and you really needed:

a.) a carbon-film resistor kit
b.) your Tek
c.) even a soldering iron.

What would you do?
I’ll tell you what. You’d fix it in software and probably go to a party or eat a falafel, and maybe worry that you weren’t dressed well enough.

Kits for tomorrow. Extra op-amps! Value Added!

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