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More WTPA v1.0 Release Excuses and I go indie!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

OK, OK — So the real versions aren’t done yet, but I just coded all the MIDI functions into WTPA and when I turned it on I wet myself a little. It was that cool. You can make it do tons of stuff you’d never be able to do just by wanking on the buttons and knobs: You can totally sequence it, you can totally play it from a MIDI keyboard, you can pitch bend everything around zero, you can apply all the effects by hitting drum pads — what Yamaha said in 1982 is absolutely true — MIDI is the way of the future!

AND — and I quit my job a couple weeks ago so I could work on stuff like this.
And I have, see? So buy my stuff; keep me from going broke. When I get it together enough to release it, that is :-)