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WTPA2 Fancypants Encoder Order

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Beginning to make it rain on em

It’s official — I’m dropping cash on WTPA2. This is part of an order to my dudes at Taiwan Alpha for 1000 10kA pots, 1000 100kA pots, and 1000 very fancypants encoders. The cool thing about having the factory make this shiz for you is that you can get whatever specs you want on these guys, not just standard part numbers. All these components have long shafts to make it easier to project through a normal enclosure, and the encoders are both relatively high res and clickless. And most importantly, the pots cost like 20-25% of what they cost at Mouser!

Dealing with Taiwan Alpha has been good to me before. Shipping from China is a real bear, and there are always some weird exchanges, but generally they really want to make some business happen and this time they sent me some really complete spec sheets. Cross fingers!