Narrat1ve is an engineering company. I, Todd Bailey, am Grand Poobah here.
My shop is in Brooklyn, New York, USA. My bench looks like this(*):

I love my job. Narrat1ve and I are about hardware-based electronics design. In my misspent youth this was just analog stuff. Since then I’ve fallen from the path and now spend a lot of time writing C and assembly for a variety of processors, which I have come to like just as much. Originally the paid work I did was for the toy industry, and I got lucky enough to know some killer machinists who taught me some stuff, although they still cringe when I get near the Bridgeport.

I make most of my income working for a handful of clients designing and building complicated prototypes. This includes but is not limited to: winding antennas, building test equipment, explaining to clients’ investors what “phase margin” means, making expensive circuits into cheap ones, etc.

In later years I started lecturing and designing circuits to help with those talks. Those circuits ended up turning into pedagogical tools on their own, and then kits, and then REAL PRODUCTS, which was a blast. There were any number of false-starts and one-offs, but the first legit one was the “Where’s The Party At” digital sampler, which you can learn more about on the rest of this site.

There are a million ways I learned the stuff I know now, and there are even more things I hope to learn before I trade in my scope for a harp.

Thanks for taking a look here; find something nerdy and enjoy.

Fri Jun 11 13:10:04 EDT 2010

ps — You can always reach me directly at [my first name] @narrat1ve.com.

(*) It looked like that in 2010. It looks cooler now.