You can hire me!

Contract work is what keeps me in domestic beer and organic peanut butter, and it’s how I spend a lot of my time. If you or somebody you know is looking for an engineer, please do get in touch. Chances are, even if I can’t do what you need, I know someone who can.

Most of my clients are corporate. I have and in some cases continue to work with Hasbro, Mattel, Big Monster Toys, and Holly Hunt Designs. I helped with a circuit on an M2 Bradley once, and a lunar lander (both for fun). I hold patents in RFID design and persistence of vision technologies. I lay out a lot of boards. I’m pretty good with C and not terrible with assembly. I know what “phase margin” means :-)

I’ve worked with outside teams, corresponded with Hong Kong, and designed for manufacturing. I can crank out a prototype on a deadline, and I work over the weekend.

Other clients are new media artists — work I’ve built for the Whitney Biennial and lots of galleries. Lately the only client in this world that isn’t favor-based is Cory Arcangel. He’s a good dude and a bright guy, and you should check out his stuff.

I realized a long time ago that for me, building something is the fun part, and convincing people that it’s culturally relevant is a lot less exciting. I feel like getting to make things that are beautiful (or not), functional (or not) and durable (nobody has asked me to make anything janky on purpose yet, but I’m sure I could swing it if that’s your thing) then collecting a check and releasing those things into the cold light of the art world is pretty much tantamount to getting the cake and eating it. Whether you get to go to the opening or not.

My email address is [my first name] Naturally I’m happy to be more specific than all this flowery self aggrandizement. Give me a holler if you think there’s anything we can work on, and thanks!