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Teutonic WTPA ist ein Berliner!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Not content to rest on his laurels, Nick decided to build ANOTHER WTPA for his old friend Jonny who plays minimal techno on a fancy euro label as a present for bringing him over to Berlin to write some tracks. Again I had a chance to warm up the CAD deck and make this guy. He still has threaded holes, but everything is a little tighter than before. And he’s blue.

These cases were cut by my man Joe at Prototope who do a kickass job of laser cutting really fast, and are based in Manhattan.

By this time I got pretty convinced that churning out lasered cases was like falling off a log and figured the next WTPA ought to come with one as an option, albeit without the annoying thread cutting step.


Remoc, cursed bringer of joy

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

This benighted ogre is a wonder put into this world for the express purpose of making sick children smile. He lives in the lobby of the Comer Childrens’ Hospital in Chicago, and was a really nice present that my old toy company donated. I more or less did the work for free in a really short time, and it was good experience.

Problem is there was a lot I didn’t know in 2005 (though it did not stop me from TRYING to design some complicated sensors) and in the time since then I’ve spent about a million hours putting band aids on less-than-ideal systems.

This is a picture of his brain extracted, waiting to go somewhere. I knew I had to fix it, I wasn’t sure when that would be.