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Tokyo. A great place to be a nerd.

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Best. Concession. Stand. Ever.

I went to Tokyo with my GF’s family over the New Year. It was, in a word, OFF THE CHAIN. The above is a stall in Akihabara, which defies everything I know about retail shopping. In a bin, hanging out like so many gnarly street fruits, are op-amps, AVRs, weird eeproms, name it. It was crazy. And there were streets of these. As if that wasn’t enough:

It's what you think.

That store just sold stuff with threads. If it had cut threads, you could buy it there. If it did not, you couldn’t. Why not? I got some bags of clear polycarbonate metric machine screws, cause hey, you never know when you might need THOSE.

In Tokyo the air-in-a-can is flavored

Obligatory picture of 5G, one of the worlds most awesome synthesizer stores. This is the tech bench. You can tell because it looks like a messy-ass tech bench.