Hoity Toity Solid State Lighting Tweakery

So one of my clients (Holly Hunt) was gearing up for a big week at ICFF and installed this Solid State Chandelier I designed for them. In nerd terms it’s basically a collection of individual light elements which have a handful of Aluminum core PCBs running these kickass high power LEDs. Nothing complicated, although it had to pass a bunch of UL stuff and required some fiddling with thermal management. And making Aluminum PCBs which I hadn’t done before.

Anyhoo, the chandelier came in to their showroom and was all kinds of screwed up. Turns out it was (mostly) just some solder pads that got lifted in transport, but it was pretty stressful for about a day. I schlepped out to Midtown and fixed it, and spent a lot of time worrying about getting solder (or nerd cooties) on really expensive couches made of goatskin and whatnot.

The pic above is the chandelier hanging precariously on some support chains so I can work on it. All the acrylic has been removed.

Holly Hunt’s ad for the real thing is all up in here.

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