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WTPA Firmware Rev 3 Released!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

OK. I finished shoe-horning necessary functions into this beast. Somebody tell me something that needs to change or this beta becomes legit by tomorrow.
There are a whopping 12 bytes left in memory, and the OS has had a lot of fat trimmed.

Here’s beta 4 (final):

And here’s the R3 changelog, so if you don’t know, now you know:

Firmware Version 0x03:
Wed Sep 2 09:37:49 CDT 2009

— Hardcoded explicit bank start address variables into define statements. They are constants in our current system; this will prevent them from being overwritten, save us some RAM and some cycles.
— Sample Start / Window / Endpoint editing, realtime adjustment. Samples with will reverse when the start point is put after the endpoint.
— Separated the “bail” command for FX and loop adjustments in MIDI
— Re-number MIDI CCs
— Added MIDI option to edit samples with wide range or tighter resolution (editing pot is an 8-bit value, MIDI is 7)
— Added “edit mode” which sucks. But allows you to stop holding down three buttons while you edit a sample.
— Removed some un- or underused softclock (timer) and Uart functions — we’re running low on flash memory.
— Divided AudioHandler routines into bank-specific routines for ISR speed BUT
–> this means we are way over memory. So, got rid of intro sequence, debug mode, all sawtooth stuff, removed some timer functions, changed MIDI handling (don’t recognize bytes we don’t use anyway), changed LED blink functions (all blink times the same)
–> Also kilt the random number init code. Changed pinning in multiply-output mode.


WTPA v0.95 Gets All MIDI Up In Here (and Hardware Changes)

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

As a matter of fact that IS an Akai MPK49 inquiring where the party is.

In brief: all the MIDI business is working great, although I’ve run into some annoying problems resampling (what guitar players might call overdubbing) which are both hard- and firmware related.
I’m late to haul my freight back to the mid-midwest for the holidays as of now, but you can see the hardware fix I did in the form of that gnarly looking perfboard. That part at least works great. Maybe I’ll nail the firmware issues over some wassail, Kwanzaa candles, or something. Happy Holidays!

More WTPA v1.0 Release Excuses and I go indie!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

OK, OK — So the real versions aren’t done yet, but I just coded all the MIDI functions into WTPA and when I turned it on I wet myself a little. It was that cool. You can make it do tons of stuff you’d never be able to do just by wanking on the buttons and knobs: You can totally sequence it, you can totally play it from a MIDI keyboard, you can pitch bend everything around zero, you can apply all the effects by hitting drum pads — what Yamaha said in 1982 is absolutely true — MIDI is the way of the future!

AND — and I quit my job a couple weeks ago so I could work on stuff like this.
And I have, see? So buy my stuff; keep me from going broke. When I get it together enough to release it, that is :-)